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Monthly Archives November 2005

Song of the Day #22: ?

This is the mystery of Thanksgiving. We were driving to the airport listening to KGSR last Tuesday morning. It was sunny and nice and I was worried that we’d be late (completely neurotic and unfounded–point, Chris).Brian Beck had come on and he was playing good songs over and over. Chris kept saying, [...]

Song of the Day #21: Take a Chance on Me

Do I write about the song or the day? Does explaining how it is possible that ABBA’s “Take a Chance on Me” could every merit SOTD remove its special powers over me forever? Am I free to mess with a universe both so intricate and delicate that not only would “Take a Chance [...]

Song of the Day #20: Love Makes the World Go Round

The Sunday before Thanksgiving was the wedding of my friends Liz and Andrew. They had it out on Bee Caves at a place called the House on the Hill. The super cold wind had come and gone and it actually felt like November.The invitation asked people to bring things to place on the [...]

Song of the Day #19: Lose Control

OK, I am beyond behind. Liz’s wedding, getting ready to go out of town, traveling, Thanksgiving, more traveling, catching up. You all do it. Life gets going and the routine is blown.In my life, usually, this is the time I go and get a new job. Take on another volunteer gig. [...]

Song of the Day #18: And the Cradle Will Rock

When you’re stuck at the three and a half minute light at Bull Creek on the way to picking up your youngest daughter from piano lessons so you can spend an evening going to the bookstore, eating matzoh ball soup, and seeing “Pride and Prejudice,” there’s nothing like a little Van Halen to remind you [...]

Song of the Day #17: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

There’s a LOT going on with this SOTD–a lot. First of all, I was so happy and excited when driving to Auto Zone yesterday and John A. was going through the birthday list and landed on Gordon Lightfoot. Gordon Lightfoot turned 67 yesterday–happy birthday, Gordon.Why was I so happy? Well, I’m really [...]

Song of the Day #16: Not Fade Away

You know it’s going to be a good day when you hear Buddy Holly’s original “Not Fade Away” before 8 a.m.I don’t have much time right now, but here goes a five minute exploration of why I love Not Fade Away:
Buddy Holly is from Texas (Lubbock).
I live in Texas. Buddy Holly is one of those [...]

Song of the Day #15: Feel Good Inc.

If you don’t listen to stations like 101X or 93.7 (KISS FM–Emma and Mazie’s favorite) and only listen to John A. or KGSR or never listen to the radio or don’t have ears, you probably haven’t heard this song. If you’re on the down side of me Gen X-wise, there’s a pretty good chance [...]

Song of the Day #14: Nobody’s Fault But My Own

Beck time. Finally. But this song wouldn’t be my prediction. There were other candidates, strong candidates, but they fell by the wayside.Why?
One word: sitar.
Sitar. Sitar. Sitar. Sitar. Sitar. Sitar.
Sitar on Lamar. Winding up Lamar from a pointless errand in search of inspiration that ended up, well, uninspiring. Thought I’d already heard [...]

Song of the Day #13: American Idiot

Heard it on the X (had to write that–I never call it the X) on the way to church on Sunday. Yes, days have passed. But at least I’m writing in order. They’re my rules, anyway, so why should I apologize?Yesterday, I read about the coining of a new word–”Blog-lish”–on Gawker or [...]