Step Seven: Keeping It Real

OK, most of you already know that my life has a certain 12 Step-cast to it and that it has for a very long time. I’ve tried to avoid bringing any of that up here, but my tiny window for writing has intersected today not with a great musical moment but with my number one Defect of Character: jealousy. More specifically, horrific jealousy of successful writers. As a very successful unsuccessful writer, I am a connoisseur of success. I follow the publishing gossip and keep up with who in my circles of education and experience has published what. Following, by the way, involves small Haitian rituals I learned about at Princeton from an anthropolgist of religion who had been initiated by a Voodoo priestess in Queens for her dissertation. Studying religion has come in handy from time to time.I’m just going to report that Jay McInerny is on Fresh Air today, talking about his post-9/11 novel.

At least it’s not Jonathan Lethem, or I’d be silenced for another month.

The water is coming back on (strange noises from the purple bathroom just over my left shoulder). I have to write about Betty Friedan before I go pick up Emma and Mazie from school after a day of preparing the lunch for the PTA Science Fair and finding out that Chris is going to be interviewed on KUT later in the week. As Betty wrote, “Click.”

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