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Dance, Monkeys, Dance

Been on something of a rocketship the past two weeks–Spiritual Salon, Easter, dog with a broken leg, PTA indentured servitude (voluntary, of course). Today, I found myself questioning whether I’d ever write anything more than a clever email again. That’s when Pogie sent me the latest Direct Message from the God of My Understanding:
Dance, Monkeys, [...]

Why Won’t Caitlin Flanagan LEAVE ME ALONE?

Dear Caitlin,
I’m writing to ask that you please stop turning up in all my favorite Internet haunts. Apparently, admitting that I was powerless over the Mommy Wars and my life had become unmanageable wasn’t enough. One day at a time, I told myself, I will not throw needless handgrenades post about anything having to do [...]

Lions and Tigers and Caitlin Flanagan! Oh My!

I’ve been trying to mind my own business and stop worrying about who’ll prevail in the Mommy Wars, but, damn, that Caitlin Flanagan and her dinner-party given writing career keep drawing me back in. Seriously, the Mommy Wars are no place for a girl like me. I’m a traitor or a turncoat or a carpetbagger [...]

Coming Out the Closet, Part 4: The Pay Off

Today was Good Friday. Mazie pretty much summed up her dim view of Christianity this morning when she said, “What’s so good about Good Friday?” After that, our lack of religious observation today seemed less like a cop-out and more like a conflict management strategy.
And what is so good about Good Friday? What are we [...]

Keeping Up with KXAN

I was just checking out the KXAN website to see if I could find a picture of that Mexican flag Jim Swift showed in his report on the immigration rally. No flag, but there’s a pretty fantastic shot of Jim himself on the “Out on the Porch” page:
People in Austin know that Jim usually wears [...]

What Goes Around, Comes Around

I took Emma and Mazie to the rally and march for immigration reform on Monday. Pick up didn’t go quite as smoothly as I’d hoped and Emma had to threaten Mazie to get her out of the gym where they normally spend Monday afternoons. Mazie, my semantic-loving clone, corrected me whenever I told her that [...]

Are there Cliff Notes for this thing yet?

OK, I’ll be the first to admit it: the last post was just too fucking long. Plus, it crossed a couple of my self-imposed semi-boundaries. So, I’m going to move it into a new little satellite cluster of windbaggy stuff. I’m thinking of calling it “Burr’s Bullshit.” Be that as it may, promise to write [...]

Coming Out of the Closet, Part 3: The Laws of Shoe Karma DISCOVERED!

When I wrote the original post about the Compact last week, I mentioned a pair of red flip flops I had my eyes on. Learning about my friends’ movement to “get off the consumer grid” hit me where I lived: shoe shopping. I predicted that I would conduct some sort of “karma mojo” in [...]

Coming Out of the Closet: Part Two

The Tivo situation at my house is a complete catastrophe. Right now, the only way to reliably record a television program is to turn on the television within approximately one hour of when the show is scheduled to be on and set the Tivo/check that it’s set to record. If the show is scheduled to [...]

Looks Like God Might Be Picking Sides

I think a little weekly recap is in order:
First, the power of the Uberblondes is revealed and I become willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Two days later, DeLay quits the race and announces that he’s moving to Virginia. (He’s my friend Eve’s problem now.) Next, we learn that Katie Couric harnessed the superpowers of [...]