Coming Out the Closet, Part 4: The Pay Off

Today was Good Friday. Mazie pretty much summed up her dim view of Christianity this morning when she said, “What’s so good about Good Friday?” After that, our lack of religious observation today seemed less like a cop-out and more like a conflict management strategy.

And what is so good about Good Friday? What are we to make of saying that a bad thing, perhaps the most terrible thing we can think of, is really a good one?

Well, not to say that my Tivo problem is quite that important, but it turns out that having an unreliable Tivo is a good thing. It’s a good thing because my unreliable Tivo made me so mad that I had to write about it and now Austinist has included that post in its Best of the Austin Blogs: Week of April 10. (And without even posting the little thing on how Austinist is making the Chronicle obsolete–coming soon, friends.)

So, thanks for the shout out, Austinist. I knew you were a good addiction. Better than reading Television Without Pity for another hour.

As for you, my dear unreliable Tivo, turns out you’re my cross to bear.

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