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You know, maybe this watching Morning Fucking Joe every fucking day is a bad idea. I went to bed with an idea about the two things I wanted to write about this morning. Woke up, same two things on my mind. Got the girls off to school, the dogs fed, coffee in the belly, same two things.  But then I start scanning (I hereby reject the verb “to surf” to describe the reading online) the no longer new gay boyfriend (btw, he is really focused on Prop 8–more power to him–but with the Texas Lege less than two months away, I need to start cramming for the exam. I predict less time with Andrew, more with the BOR Boys (and now Girl!) over the coming weeks) and trying to read Krugman and keeping up with the comings and goings of Olympic superstar and Precinct 273 Democrat Aaron Piersol. Suddenly, the two ideas no longer seem important. What were they, again?

Frankly, at this moment, all I can really think about is, “Who let David Remnick’s hair look like that?” Here he is, my man at The New Yorker, Mr. Nassau Weekly, appearing today on MFJ–along with Joe Kline and Chris Matthews–it’s a PG hat trick! But what about the hair, David? Who told you, “Hey, you’re a 50 year old Jewish guy who still has something going on up there on top. Make the most of it, man, make the most of it!”?

A simple image-google later and I think we can find the basis of this decision. Let’s chalk it up to just another case of Keeping Up with the Jonses:

You know, this is just sad. There’s David Remnick with all that top growth just laying there limp (trust me, it’s not good full frontal) and there’s Malcolm and his enormous, bare forehead. The truth: the Jewfro cannot match the Halfro, no matter how hard it tries.

As for the two thoughts from last night, not sure if they’re still worth bothering with. Malcom Gladwell’s hair is in the house. What more can we say?

Clearly, I have lapsed into bad habits this week, what with Tech Support Guy gone and no looming deadlines. However, I believe I owe a certain subset of the Dear Readers a brief report on yesterday’s doings. I will write them up separately, once MFJ is done with. The “decision” to post only once a day is hereby overruled. Twitter “followers” be damned. If you can’t stand the links to the blog, remove me.

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