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Joe Addresses the Ladies!

OK, I’ll admit it–I’m obsessed. The Familiar Stranger has swept me off my feet! And I’m beginning to wonder if there are other ladies like me out there. Ladies who yearn to hear sweet nothings in their ears. Sweet nothings that LAY THE HAMMER ON GRANDPA McANGRYPANTS, for example.
The Familiar Stranger arrives in town. At [...]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Are You Ready for Some Football?

Because I’m powerless over Daily Kos and my life has become unmanageable, I went over and checked the site earlier this afternoon. And guess what, K Street Prophet had posted another fantastic diary about Joe.
Plus, there’s video of Joe at the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am telling you; this guy is [...]

Stranger Danger

I think it’s safe to say that I’m in love with Joe Biden.
Joe Biden is so awesome, just reading what he said yesterday makes me want to tell all seven of my faithful readers about him. For example:
“John McCain says he wants to spend another $130 billion this year to give tax breaks to people [...]

Ladies and Gentlemen

Could it be, that while the media whipped us into a frenzy over All My (Grand)Children, there was a better show on a different network? Could it be that some in the media are changing the channel? Instead of asking, “Where is Joe Biden?” (last week’s popular refrain), perhaps they should be wondering, “Why aren’t [...]