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Why Won’t Caitlin Flanagan LEAVE ME ALONE?

Dear Caitlin,
I’m writing to ask that you please stop turning up in all my favorite Internet haunts. Apparently, admitting that I was powerless over the Mommy Wars and my life had become unmanageable wasn’t enough. One day at a time, I told myself, I will not throw needless handgrenades post about anything having to do [...]

Lions and Tigers and Caitlin Flanagan! Oh My!

I’ve been trying to mind my own business and stop worrying about who’ll prevail in the Mommy Wars, but, damn, that Caitlin Flanagan and her dinner-party given writing career keep drawing me back in. Seriously, the Mommy Wars are no place for a girl like me. I’m a traitor or a turncoat or a carpetbagger [...]

No Place to Hide: The Mommy Wars are Everywhere

Sometimes, to take a break from all my intellectual gyrations over the Mommy Wars, I like to spend a little time on Gawker. If you’re not familiar with Gawker, well, it’s the one of the ways I pretend to be cool. I can keep up on the latest NYC gossipnews by without having [...]